About me

Welcome to Tatinbags

Hello! I am Lourdes, a designer by profession and founder of this small project born in 2013. From here, my workshop home with views of Montserrat, one of the most impressive mountains in Catalonia, I design and make each of the Tatinbags.

Sustainable fabric bags with values

I am committed to the rational use of resources, which is why I work with local and proximity suppliers. I like to use natural and sustainable fabrics such as linen, cotton, wool. Because I believe in responsible fashion, on a small scale, with production without surpluses that does not generate waste and is respectful of the planet. At Tatinbags each bag is made one hundred percent by hand. I myself take care of carrying out the entire process taking care of all the details.

Inspired by simplicity

Design is a fundamental part of the creative process. What inspires me? Simplicity, minimalism, natural. The taste for a job well done, with time and dedication. And this is how I make each of my bags. Putting all my effort to make them practical and timeless bags that will last over time.

My goal is to bring a touch of uniqueness to each piece I make. Create unique and original fabric bags for day to day.