Tatinbags are unique fabric handbags for everyday. Each piece is made by hand, with all the enthusiasm and all the effort so ro make it special .  

I am Lourdes, designer of profession and creator of this little project.

The idea of Tatinbags emerged from the need to do something more personal after having worked some years in the fashion industry. In the year 2013 I made with a piece of cloth my first bag. Since then I have continued to create new models and send them, through my online store, to customers around the world.

The style that defines the brand is a simple style, without artifice or stridency, but at the same time versatile, practical and functional. A timeless style that lasts in time.

What inspires me? Simplicity, the natural, the everyday. A taste for work well done, for authentic things done in truth, with time and dedication. And this is how I make each of my bags: by hand, making limited production, with sustainable manufacturing, using proximity materials,  keeping the process handcrafted from start to finish, with all the illusion and effort to make each Tatinbags special.

My goal is to bring a touch of uniqueness in every piece I make, to create unique and original bags for each day.

Thank you for visiting my store.